Want to learn brush lettering calligraphy?

 Want to impress your friends and family with beautiful writing? Thinking about making unique cards and gifts for birthdays and holidays? Or designing your own wedding invitations? Or writing out inspirational quotes for friends?

Maybe you've always thought that calligraphy is beautiful and wanted to learn an art but never knew where to start?

In my workshops, you will start off with learning the basic strokes and alphabet, tricky letter combinations, and how to create sentences. By the end of the workshop, you will be on your way to writing out gorgeous words and sentences to create a special greeting card for a loved one! These are classes for BEGINNERS! You don't need any prior experience in lettering.


Upcoming workshops IN VANCOUVER

Looking for a fun corporate team building event?

Teach your employees a valuable skill for both their professional life and personal life. Brush lettering calligraphy is a useful skill that can be used to make cards, gifts, weddings invitations, event name cards, marketing material, and more.

Your company will be known for engaging staff in useful and fun team building activities—resulting in increased employee engagement, satisfaction, and mindfulness.

In the workshop, employees learn the fundamentals of lettering with their team and create two finished products. They go home feeling proud of their new skill and will be grateful to work for a company that promotes work-life balance.

Please email dina@jennidicreative.com and I will send you my 5-page informational package for corporate brush lettering calligraphy workshops.


Testimonials from Past WORKSHOP Attendees

“Dina's Calligraphy classes are such a joy, truly food for the soul!

Walking into something not knowing who you're going to meet, what the atmosphere will be like; and on top of that asking questions like "what if I'm not good enough?" "Will I be laughed at?", etc. It's scary, and can be nerve-wracking.

From the moment you buy a ticket go the moment you finish and walk out of the class, not once will any of those thoughts cross your mind. From minute one Dina makes you feel as though you and all else who attend are a family. One that learns, grows, has fun together!

Dina's way of teaching is so fun, casual, and personal which makes each and every class such a joy to participate in. Learning calligraphy can be daunting, especially if like me, cursive was never your strong suit. Dina takes it step by step, letter by letter, literally letter by letter, and at the end you come out feeling like you just had a giant bowl/plate of your favourite comfort food, and feel so accomplished at having finished it!

Dina's classes are a must attend for anyone, and everyone! I am so glad I had the chance to go to one, and CANNOT wait to go again! Trust me, best decision you'll make this year!!”

Sukhmani Purewal

“Dina was very attentive and really paid attention to our progress. The workbook she developed was great because it broke down our learning into very practical steps. I thought her idea to get everyone making a greeting card at the end of the workshop was fun! It made people feel like they accomplished something. Going into the workshop I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it because I never tried brush lettering before but the two hours went by in a breeze. Highly recommended - don’t hesitate!”

Jimmy Chang

“Took Dina’s Brush Lettering workshop and highly recommend it! Her smile made you feel instantly comfortable and the pace of the night was great. It was great getting to bring something home and I loved how frequently she walked around and watched us as we practiced what had just been taught. She had a nice way of offering suggestions and was always open to questions. I already notice an improvement in my lettering!”

Lindsay McGuire

"Dina’s Lettering Pop-Up Workshop was my first introduction to hand lettering and she made it super easy, fun, and engaging. She even set us up with a brush pen and lettering worksheets to continue practicing at home. Now I hand letter all my birthday cards and people love it!"

Sasha Cooke